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Our Social Responsibilities

TRUST work with pharmaceutical clients producing lifesaving drugs and medication for people all over the world. As an integrated part of this lifesaving production chain, we take this responsibility very seriously.
We excel in GMP - the guidelines for good manufacturing practice - and guarantee that our clients at all times adhere to requirements and that the high levels of GMP are met consistently.
And also we believe that our responsibility as a company goes beyond and is therefore also deeply imbedded in our values, ethical standards and code of conduct. Values such as integrity, transparency, fair-play and trust are all natural for the way we do business and the way we work with clients, employees, local environment and communities and the greater society as a whole. It goes without saying, that we always comply with these values regardless of who we work with and regardless of what is at stake.

We value quality and accuracy above all. We are committed, reliable and flexible. 

Our approach to our clients

To make complex IT and automation projects in pharmaceutical companies succeed and excel, you need to be equally passionate about both people, equipment and technology and strongly committed to uniting different disciplines and people of complex technology projects.

When we founded TRUST we felt that this approach was missing in the industry and therefore we set out to offer this new approach for pharmaceutical clients. The same approach is still paramount to us and integrated in our work with our clients. 
We always aim to establish long-term sustainable customer relationships. Relationships based on values of integrity, transparency, fair play and trust. And relationships that put honesty, openness and trust above fast profits and overpriced consulting rates and never goes after undercutting competitors just to win a contract. 
To us:
  • Integrity means, that you as a customer can always expect us to be open and honest. Also, when we have to turn down a good contract offer, because we believe, we are not a suitable partner for you in this specific task. 
  • Transparency means that we always communicate openly about conditions, requirements and risks from the beginning and throughout the project
  • Fairplay to us means that we always value long term relations with our clients over short termed profits. When times are booming we don’t raise our rates, since we´d rather be fully booked when recession hits. 
  • Trust is what binds it all together. For us TRUST is not simply our name. It is our way of meeting customers and the outside world.
Our approach also concerns how we work and the fact that quality and dedication are fundamentals to us. To us quality means that we are equally dedicated to the details and a holistic perspective of the lifecycle of a factory. 
Focus on detail is indisputable too high quality. It means that we prepare precise schedules and risk analyzes from the initial phase of every project and persistently follow up, so unnecessary bumps on the road are avoided. The holistic approach implies that we bind all professional groups together and continuously translate between them, so their differences turn into strengths instead of  weaknesses. 
Lastly quality to us also means that we always have an eye on how you as a customer can take over, when our role is outplayed, and the project goes into operation. This means not only that we ensure that technology works when we are gone. But as importantly involve the people management aspects and hence we always ensure that your employees are qualified, engaged and motivated enough to run facilities and systems, when we let go of the reins. 
Today, we are known in the industry for precisely that. A combination of detail focus and an ability to simultaneously maintain the holistic perspective in all projects. And all this means that you as our client can always feel confident in taking over the operation once we are out of the picture.

Our approach to employees

In TRUST we create work environments based on trust, so that everyone can thrive and be themselves, and the joint potential be fully released. 
It is therefore key to us to always create and maintain inclusive work environments where employees can always feel motivated and comfortable being themselves. An environment where all thrive because they feel confident, valued and respected and able to expand their skills and abilities. 
Equally we find it as important that our employees are never put in positions, where they feel pushed beyond their limits and capabilities. We never underestimate projects nor undercut competitors, since we know how this creates heavy work pressure on employees. Additionally, we have eliminated all KPI´s. We only believe in assessing employees´ performances based on indicators relevant to them and to us.
After many years of work experience with different pharmaceutical companies, we know that long working hours often occur. This can be necessary in peak periods but never sustainable in the long run for a healthy and sound life balance. As dedicated as we are while working, as dedicated we are on insisting that work has to end, regardless how motivated and engaged our employees might be in a specific project. 
As part of a thriving environment, we believe that it is of utmost importance to meet regularly for social events and fun activities. This is fundamental to a good working atmosphere. 
We strongly believe in the value of supporting a healthy lifestyle and the wellbeing of our employees and their families. We therefore support and sponsor the sports clubs and leisure associations of our employees´ children. Sigma SWIM Birkerød, Birkerød Håndbold, Lejre-IF, and OCR Løb


CSR - Our approach to society

At TRUST we feel strongly about social responsibility and therefore support and sponsor charitable organisations and leisure and sports clubs. Simply because we believe it is the right thing to do.
There are many good and necessary causes to support. We have chosen to support these in particular, because we feel strongly about people who are affected by war, furthermore since we personally have relatives affected by both by cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 
As a more urgent social responsibility, when the war in Ukraine broke out in February 2022, we sent two minibuses to the Ukrainian border that brought refugees safely back to Denmark.



Being part of the pharmaceutical industry GMP, good manufacturing practice, is of course embedded in all that we do. 
The services we offer in TRUST, makes us a vital part of the production chain that produces lifesaving drugs and medication for people all over the world. That responsibility is present to us at all times.

We excel in GMP and hence make sure that our clients always adhere to requirements and that the high levels of GMP are met consistently.
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