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Full-Circle Consulting

TRUST is a market-leading engineering and project management company in the pharmaceutical industry. We see it as our main purpose, to create strong work environments based on trust, where everyone can thrive and always be themselves, so the common potential is fully released. 


In TRUST we do things differently and are passionately focused on both people, equipment and technology and on linking all together. We consider it a central objective in all that we do, to keep both focus on the details and the holistic perspective of the life cycle of a pharmaceutical project. 


This we do by creating the best possible framework for dedicated teamwork. We take responsibility for common tasks, we involve all those we work with and we always respect all their different inputs. In this way we ensure that people working together on our projects can thrive and give their best. 


We excel in comprehensive automation and IT pharmaceutical projects, and we specialize in both planning, managing and executing all of the aspects involved. We always make objective decisions based on data and continuously improve all results. 


Managing automation and IT pharmaceutical projects is a complex discipline that is about defining and optimizing the links between people, equipment and technology. This is our core skill. We therefore see ourselves as the missing link in the projects specialized in helping clients translate between different professional groups. 

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We Manage Projects

All TRUST project managers care for team management with focus on the individuals involved in the project. This means we strongly emphasize creating a trustful work environment and a framework where everyone can be themselves and contribute with the best they have. 


We provide solid and structured data foundation to support project steering groups´ decision making.  


We work actively with risk management and never hesitate to address challenges.  


And apart from this we of course excel in all the ordinary project management disciplines as  

  • Scope management  

  • Procurement strategy and supplier management 

  • Budgeting, including detailed breakdown of budgets, tasks and deliveries and correspondingly detailed follow-up 

  • Cost control with a focus on compliance with budget limits and on constantly reporting actual spend figures. 

  • Resource management anchored in clear agreements with the line of business (LOB) 

  • Time planning and break down of schedules into specific tasks and ditto deliveries, in order to identify dependencies towards other work areas to improve follow up procedures and capture potential delays in the run-up. 

  • Reporting to steering groups; including brief and accurate information based on data from schedules, cost monitoring and risk management 

  • Structured active stakeholder management ensuring support an alignment to the scope of work and business priorities 

  • Ensuring communication and translation between different professional groups (IT, Process, Maintenance, Technicians) to avoid misunderstandings and alignment of expectations. 

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We Validate

Everything we do from initial planning to risk assessment, specification and design is optimized and prepared to ensure a robust and effective validation. We always create the validation strategy and planning early in the project to get everyone, both project team and suppliers, aligned with and aware of the validation strategy. 


If you, as a client, involve us from early stages in a project you are certain to get the most out of our firm knowledge and experience. In this way we ensure that all ends are tied together, including the alignment between validation strategy and technology. 

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We Excel in GMP

We excel in GMP, the guidelines for good manufacturing practice. 


When needed we translate the regulatory guidelines for good manufacturing practice into detailed requirements adapted to specific technologies. We analyze and review design documentation to verify that the proposed solutions are compliant and fits into your business processes. 


We are experienced in audits and inspections too and therefore aware of the importance of preparing the documentation packages, so they are suitable for inspections. We ensure that requirements are specific, testable and adapted to specific IT and automation solutions and technologies. 

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We Automate IT

We are especially strong when it comes to IT and Automation. We have experience with the entire chain of automation/IT from the physical field instrumentation to the final storage and reporting of the manufacturing process.

We design, we implement, and we test automated system and IT infrastructure enabling the automated system to communicate and interact with corporate data management systems.

We have worked with CIP, Clean Utilities, Autoclaves, Component Processing Units, Filling Lines, Packaging Lines, Process Tanks etc.

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We Build Control Systems 

We supply complete automated control systems adapted to your customized equipment. We offer full documentation packages and testing as well as validation including ATEX certified solutions.  


We engineer and construct control panels and manage all the processes involved. We plan, design, construct and manage cabling, installation, interfaces and coordination with other suppliers and contractors. Also we handle the integration to MES, ERP, central historian database systems and other infrastructure services such as AD, backup/restore, monitoring, configuration management etc. 


All our control panels are delivered CE marked and we support the CE marking of the final process control system.  


Design and programming of software is a core competence and we offer both a traditional and an agile development approach. Our software team has knowledge of instrumentation, components, control loops and also with running in and commissioning of process equipment. This experience is a huge advantage in the design phase. 

Bringing People Together  

It is fundamental to us to create trust-based communities where everyone can always thrive and be themselves, so their joint potential is fully released.   


We do this by creating the best possible framework for dedicated teamwork. A framework based on trust, openness and involvement where all different inputs are considered equal and met with respect. After many years of experience, we know that this is what it takes to make people with diverse professional skills prosper and flourish and be the best versions of themselves in complex automation pharmaceutical projects. It is key for success.  


Comprehensive automation and IT pharmaceutical projects involve a whole range of different professionals. Engineers, process engineers, pharmacists and chemical engineers among others working in teams and managing diverse aspects in the process of planning, managing and executing all parts in the projects. A recurrent challenge in these teamworks is to make everyone contribute with their different inputs and skills to the benefit of the team and the project. In order words avoid silo thinking.   


Making this collaboration work smoothly is something we consider alpha and omega for successful projects and therefore take extremely seriously. We facilitate the process to make the teamwork flourish, and when it is challenged we assist discretely. We understand the competences of each field and translate between them, always with an eye on the ball at the same time to assure the progression of the project. 


This is why we are different in TRUST GMP. We are not only experts in IT- and automation nor purely in processes. We are experts in both and at the same time. We embrace and integrate the different processes and diverse professional groups, who always work side by side in huge IT and automation projects.  

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We connect the dots

It is key to the way we work to always take a holistic approach. This is to be able to tie all the threads in complex pharmaceutical projects together. From the very beginning of every project, we therefore always have the whole life cycle in mind. And we ensure that processes, systems and equipment are future proof and easy to operate and maintain. 


We involve ourselves in all disciplines in a project and we carefully integrate the life cycle of the equipment into design thinking and project execution. We do this, by involving the right people at the right times. 


At the same time, we keep a sharp focus on future technologies and guarantee that the utilization of specific designs never is a limitation for future technologies. In this way, we help customers to build equipment that has a greater value. With wise choices and at a low cost, we accordingly prepare both clients, their businesses and their equipment for future needs. We connect the dots. 

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