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In TRUST we believe that our core purpose is to create the most trust-based work environment for our employees, so every one of them at all times can thrive and the common potential be fully released. 
This means that it is our highest priority to always build an inclusive working framework where you as an employee always can be yourself, and feel involved and respected for the inputs and contributions you make. TRUST is not just our name. It is how we work. 
As an employee with us, you automatically become part of the exhilarating journey that TRUST is part of in the fast-growing international pharmaceutical industry. You will therefore work in a highly innovative environment with state-of-the-art technology and IT/automation solutions. 
A working environment that offers exciting opportunities for personal, professional and career development. And also a working environment with a social professional team, that prioritizes social events and fun social activities.

We take care of our employees so they can take care of our clients.

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Working here

At TRUST, the most important thing is that our employees can always be the best versions of themselves. Only in this way can they thrive and excel. Therefore, trust and independence are crucial core values for the inclusive working culture we try to create in our company.
These are necessities, so you as an employee with us can thrive every day and always contribute with all your competencies, inputs and resources and thus your full potential.
We believe a good working framework is one where you always feel motivated to strive and do your best, but never get pushed beyond your professional limits and capabilities. Therefore, we never underestimate our projects and never undercut competitors, and you will therefore never find yourself under unnecessary strong time pressures with us.
We have eliminated all the KPI´s, since we do not believe in employee evaluations based on irrelevant indicators. We always only assess you and your performance on the basis of indicators, that have true relevance to you and to us.
We offer a high degree of independence and flexibility and have eradicated the tiring administrative routines from your desk, so you can spend your time on exciting challenges and developing yourself together with the rest of the company.

Social Activities

Although profound professionalism is paramount in TRUST, we also strongly prioritize the social community with our colleagues. We mostly work with customers and therefore rarely meet each other face-to-face while working and so we regularly take revenge with joint social events and fun activities outside work. We cycle, sail, run, eat and do whatever you and your colleagues find fun and interesting.
Everyone in TRUST has the right to initiative – also when it comes to the social activities. Is there something you are passionately eager to try or do with your colleagues, the serving right is yours. Go for it!
As part of our CSR policy we support association life and the health and wellbeing of our employees. We therefore support and sponsor the sports clubs and leisure associations of our employees´ children.



”Selvom faglighed og stærke kunderelationer altid er i højsædet i Trust, lægger vi også stor vægt på fællesskabet med vores kollegaer. Vi deltager igen i år i mountain bike løbet H12. Det er lige dele hårdt og hyggeligt, hvor vi som hold skal køre flest mulige omgange på 12 timer.


Vi nyder både de stejle opkørsler og fede nedkørsler i området omkring Tisvilde Hegn og Asserbo Slotsruin. Men mindst lige så meget det hyggelige samvær med hinanden i lejren i pauserne, imens vores kolleger kører med stafetten! Tak for dysten! Glæder os til næste fælles event ” 

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